TCI effectively stimulates the body's immune system to bring about the immune response required for protection against disease. Potent immune stimulants (adjuvants) are delivered at the surface of the skin to the Langerhans cells, a major component of the immune system. The Langerhans cells, activated by the presence of these immune stimulants, take in the vaccine antigen and migrate to the regional draining lymph nodes. There, presentation to the immune system occurs, eliciting a robust immune response.

Compared to standard immunization via needles, two important features of TCI pave the way for more effective vaccines:

  • TCI follows the natural pathway for protection by targeting the immune-rich epidermis, which is replete with Langerhans cells.
  • Because there is no systemic exposure, strong immune stimulants can be used safely on the skin, stimulating a powerful immune response.
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